RETAIL PROMOTIONS REDEFINED: Elevating Shopper Experiences with inChase.

At inChase, we believe that retail is more than just shopping - it's entertainment. We specialize in creating captivating experiences that drive traffic, increase spend, and build unwavering loyalty among shoppers. In today's world, where consumers buy because they love it, not just because they need it, it's crucial to provide a unique and enjoyable shopping journey.

Drawing inspiration from the world of blockbuster productions, we approach retail promotions as the art of engaging storytelling, filled with heart-wrenching drama, thrilling moments, and adventurous action.

By blending our expertise in trade and marketing with innovation and creativity, we bring retail theater to life, leaving a lasting impact on both shoppers and businesses.

inChase specializes in producing highly efficient retail marketing programs, including loyalty programs, sales promotions, bonus burning incentives, and more.

Our team comprises talented professionals with diverse backgrounds in sales, marketing, advertising, and communication industries. Their collective experience enables us to develop deeper and more insightful strategies, better targeted campaigns, and innovative solutions that generate exceptional results.

Unlike mass-produced programs, inChase takes a boutique approach, carefully crafting only about 15 exceptional retail programs each year. This dedication to quality execution consistently delivers outstanding results for our clients' businesses, earning their satisfaction and ensuring a headache-free implementation process.

We understand that every detail matters in the intricate machinery of a successful retail program. From the careful selection of goods and the development of impactful marketing concepts to the precise supply of merchandise to stores based on high-end econometric modeling, we leave no stone unturned. Each step is thoughtfully considered and executed in line with the best industry practices, guaranteeing a flawless experience for both retailers and shoppers.

Since our establishment in 2007 as an advertising agency specializing in activations and sales promotions, inChase has evolved into a multidisciplinary business company. We seamlessly blend wholesale and retail trade with cutting-edge marketing solutions, providing our customers with a definitive competitive advantage.

Since 2014, inChase has been producing retail programs in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland, expanding our reach and expertise to new markets.